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Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Kentucky days

I reached Japan from Lexington,KY, today afternoon.
I enjoyed my Kentucky day after Belmont Stakes. People I've met are very kind and I've been helped.
Moreover, horses have given me wonderful chances to shoot.

I always write this, I cannot help thanking for everything, my circumstance,environmnet and etc, which have helped me.
Thanks for everything.

Takarazuka Kinen starts this weekend at Hanshin Racecourse.
But very strong earthquake happened in Osaka,close to Hanshin, yesterday.
I wish the situation isn't serious.

A yearling
Jun.17.2018 Polo Green Stable,Versailles,KY,USA 

Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Coming back to Lexington from Belmont Park

I came back to Lexington,KY, on Monday from Belmont Park. I stay here for a week.

I felt as if I were in dream last Saturday at Belmont Park Race Track.
You know, Justify become 13th triple crown horse.
I have been convinced I am strong lucky. I recognized it on Saturday at the track.

By the way, triple crown horse is "三冠馬 (sankanba)" in Japanese.
I have photographed 2 American "sankanba." One is Justify,the other is American Pharoah.
I can't find any word about my feeling yet.
But I'm sure I am never unhappy!

I always write this.
I cannot help thanking for everything, my circumstance,environment and etc.That leads current my situation.

I leave for Japan next Monday and arrive at Japan Tuesday afternoon.
I don't want to go to world-round trip this time, ha ha!
Anyway, I enjoy Lexington this weekend!

Justify, the 13th triple crown winner

Tuesday, June 5, 2018

After Yasuda Kinen,triple crown again !?

Mozu Ascot (US), by Frankel (GB), ridden by Christophe Lemaire, won the Yasuda Kinen (G1,turf 1600 meters, for 3 yo & up) at Tokyo Racecoursse.
He is entitled to run in Breeders' Cup Mile by this winning.(the race is Breeders' Cup Challenge for BC Mile)
His career isn't long.But he defeated other multiple graded stakes horses.
He is expected much better than ever.

I'm off to Belmont Park for Belmont Stakes Wednesday evening.
This is the first Belmont Park for me. I'm looking forward to visiting there.
You know, Justify won double crown races. If good fortune comes to me, I have a chance to photograph "2nd triple crown horse" for me.

It is very, very, hard to win triple crown races. History has already improved it.
American Pharoah, he is special. But Justify might be, too.

Anyway, I wish all horses run in the race use their potentiality fully.

Mozu Ascot, ridden by Christophe Lemaire,after winning Yasuda Kinen
Jun.3.2018 Tokyo Racecourse,Fuchu,Tokyo,Japan